Life at the pace of littles can often feel overwhelming and chaotic. However, it is thought this beautiful chaos that we learn the most valuable lessons about life, ourselves and the world. Join us while we document our growth, thoughts and experiences as we learn to embrace this lovable chaos that is family life in today’s world.

Meet our family:


Young, driven visionary with boundless amounts of unstoppable energy. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious yet sweet, sensitive and kind. Emotional creature, hippie at heart with a huge soft spot for beauty, regardless of shape or form. Loves herbs and infusions and is aways up for learning more about human nature.


Tall dreamer with a deeply rooted love for sarcasm, comedy and science fiction. Avid gamer, less so since the girls came along, unless he is playing together with Jade. Gentlest soul you will ever meet, motivator of his fellow men and always in the mood for a thoughtful conversation or a good book.


Vibrant and captivating, endowed with a will of steal, Jade is a force to be reckoned with. Always resourceful, very creative, passionate and playful, she is often surprisingly mature and wise beyond her years. Her interest in animals developed in a true fascination with dinosaurs. Loves gaming. Youtube is one of her primary sources of inspiration. Loves outdoor group games. Loves pepperoni pizza, pomme douchesse, black chocolate, ice cream, sour candy and chips. In that order! She calls pomme douchesse ‘poop croquettes’ 😅😅


A true ray of June sunshine: gentle, warm and oh, so happy! Incredibly sociable, highly communicative and very aware. Outgoing but not restless, always governed by a calm determination. Confident and loving, enjoys connecting with others like no one we have ever seen. The world is truly her oyster.